Fitness Innovations & Tae Kwon Do


This is an awesome fitness training program for adults & teens, both men and women. This class incorporates the best parts of an aerobics workout (music, excitement, muscle tone and high energy) and mixes it with the best parts of a kickboxing class (jabbing, kicking, punching, blocking and bag work).  Have fun to the beat of the music while you burn those calories performing the techniques of kickboxing! According to Muscle and Fitness magazine, Fitness Kickboxing is the number one calorie burner with 800 calories burned per hour. The class will improve your flexibility, energy, muscle tone, coordination, and decrease those inches around the waist. The class includes an aerobic session and alternates resistance training, paddle, and bag workout sessions.

You wear regular workout clothes and shoes. No belts or uniforms required No Experience NecessaryGloves and Handwraps Classes are for teens & adults

Try out a class for free. We will ask you two questions after you’ve tried out a class:

1) Did you get a great workout?

2) Did you have fun doing it?

If you answer yes to both of these questions, then FIT’s Fitness Kickboxing class is for you…….don’t wait, just do it and give it a try now!!

"It's not only what you do...it's how you do it" "Earn it, Burn it, Firm it"

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